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Lethal Gaming is one of our first eSports sponsorees in 2016. Since this time we've gotten to know these guys pretty well. We've concluded that they are a top notch organization...from their players to their owners. Couldn't ask for a better group to represent the JerkyPro brand. Here's a little back story about Lethal Gaming and how to contact them.

Lethal Gaming was founded in fall of 2007 and is a leading organization and entertainment hub in eSports with top-level talent and content. While holding one of the highest Clan Wars record across all Call of Duty games, Lethal Gaming has fielded teams in Battlefield, four Call of Duty titles, Halo, H1Z1 and Rainbow 6ix:Siege. They are currently a top 20 eSports business in North America, holding a Top-32 minimum rank in Call of Duty as well as the #2 spot in North America for R6:Siege.  Fielding multiple professional eSports teams, the management team behind Lethal Gaming strives to provide a business that creates opportunities for success for both players, sponsors and investors at the highest level.  Lethal Gaming core goal and objectives is to, Create Opportunities for our Gamers and Value for our Sponsors. To know more about joining Lethal Gaming visit any of their social media and go to their website at

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Tags: eSports

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