Coronavirus and JerkyPro Beef Jerky - What to ration and stockpile

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 During these difficult times of the coronavirus, people are rushing to their local grocery stores to stockpile as much food and supplies as possible. Some say it's crazy behavior and irrational fear. On the other hand, some say, if we don't load up ourselves we're going to be out of luck. Valid point. 

     Toilet paper (of all things) are vanishing more day by day. Just about every store we've gone to in the past week was completely out of it. Hand sanitizer...gone. Bottled water...empty shelves. I mean we all know these are basic sanitary items that we will need if we are quarantined for an extended amount of time.

    After all this we need to ask ourselves, what do we need to stockpile to eat later? I mean being a jerky company ourselves. obviously jerky comes to mind. Why beef jerky? I'm glad you asked!

    JerkyPro jerky has a shelf life of 18 months. This means you can get as much as you want and it will be good unopened for a whopping 547 days! Yeah, I'd say that's a pretty reliable food source. Our jerky is made in a strictly regulated FDA certified processing plant where sanitation is paramount. You can be rest assured that our product is free from any contaminants.  

   We obviously would like everyone to buy our jerky. I mean that's what we do for a living. Let's get real though, there are tens of thousands of brands of jerky out there. Heck, a lot of people even make their own jerky. If you're thinking about making your own jerky, I can tell you now it is an art form. It does take a lot of practice to make perfect. Why are we going on about this? We want everyone to make sure they are careful about what they are buying. If your jerky brand doesn't have an FDA sticker or a USDA sticker you may want to steer clear of that brand for the time being.

     We came across a great read online over at the Staton Island Local News. Where they listed a few things you may want in the event of self-quarantine.

"The Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Disaster Education Network shared other food items to keep for an emergency, such as smoked or dried meats (like beef jerky), powdered or canned milk, sugar, salt, pepper, sugar cookies and hard candy. Dried products like instant cereals, puddings, juice, rice and potatoes are also good options."

    Business Insider also lists jerky an essential:

"Dried fruit, nuts, seeds, and shelf-stable meat like beef jerky can provide an efficient source of energy and other nutrients and can be stored for long periods of time. They can also provide some much-needed variety to your diet, incorporating macronutrients like fat and protein that you may not get if your pantry is full of rice, rice, and more rice. 


     I think you all get our point. Stock up on jerky. You can thank us later when you're hungry during the quarantine. 

     As always, stay safe out there!



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