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Football and jerky. How could it be any better! Every year we put on our DraftKings fantasy football league. It's a little different than your traditional fantasy league. I'll explain as well as give instructions on how to join.
1. Download DraftKings on your phone or go to their website to register for an account. Here's the link:

2. Once you have registered, its time to put money into your account. Click the green DEPOSIT button. 
 * On mobile you will click the green plus sign.
3. Once you are in to deposit, this screen will come up. Deposit any amount you would like. The minimum is $5.00. Each time you play each week you will use $5.00 from your account. You can deposit every week or just deposit a lump sum so you only need to deposit one time. 
4. So now you have money in your account. Time to actually join the league. A lot of the people who are playing actually play poker with us every week. We call our poker house "THE LOUNGE" so appropriately, we called the DraftKings league "THE LOUNGE" also. Here is the link to to join the league:


5. So your in the league now. Each week the league will show a contest that you'll need to join. To join the contest simply click the contest:



If you're on mobile, your contest screen will look like this:





6. So, now you're in the league and you've clicked the weekly contest. Time to draft a team with a salary cap. Every week you will have $50,000 to draft a team. You want to choose wisely as every player is valued differently and you can not go over the salary cap. Click a position and chose a player that you would like. Do this for your entire team from QB, RB, WR ect.



7. That's it! This is a WINNER TAKES ALL PPR LEAGUE!


8. JerkyPro LLC does not take any cut from the league itself. We do play and and we do draft teams just like everyone else. This league is not for profit in any way by JerkyPro.



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