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Guess what? Hard work DOES pay off! JerkyPro was named the TasteTV  "Top Artisan Jerky Award Winner" We always knew we had the the best jerky on the planet but this now reaffirms it! We've had an outpouring of positive feedback from customers and on social media. 

Since the award was announced we have been contacted by multiple retailers and distributors who now want to carry JerkyPro jerky! So be on the lookout in a store near you!

In the jerky contest we were give the top award in the  following categories:


  • Best Ingredient Combinations
  • Best Flavor
  • Best Texture
  • Best Packaging
  • Highest Quality
  • Most Unique
  • Overall Experience

The Awards Judges are National and Regional Magazine, Newspaper and Blog Editors, plus Topic Experts, Local Chefs and Food Gurus. Al list of the judges can be found here:



To read the full article TasteTV Jerky Awards article. Click HERE


Thank you all again for your support! 



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