Fourth of July -Independence Day and Beef Jerky

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Why Does America Love Beef Jerky?


As the 4th of July approaches and we celebrate America’s 241st birthday, we are reminded of some of our favorite American summer traditions:

  • summertime barbecues
  • swimming in lakes
  • wearing jean shorts in the sun
  • going to baseball games
  • picnics in the park
  • fishing
  • campfire stories

What is your favorite part about summertime in America? As you can guess, one of ours is beef jerky. And today we want to understand what makes Beef Jerky so American.

To understand America’s love for beef jerky, you have to know the history of beef jerky. The word “jerky” comes from a Quechua word for dried, salted meat. The Quechua language, still used today, is derived from a common ancestral language in South America. Many believe Incan tribes were making jerky as early as the year 1500.

With its long shelf life and no need for refrigeration, it’s no wonder the concept of jerky spread north and is still popular today. Which brings us back to the question of why Americans love beef jerky. Let us count the ways.

5 Reasons Americans Love Beef Jerky

  1. It’s portable. From astronauts to the army, backpackers to world travelers, jerky has a long shelf life and does not spoil easily.
  2. It’s ready to eat. Americans love their fast food. Anything that can be consumed right out of the package helps us stay ahead of our busy lifestyles.
  3. It contains beef (or other types of meat). Beef and meat, in general, are classic American favorites.
  4. It’s delicious. Mountain America Jerky alone carries about 30 different jerky types and flavors, all with a delicious spin on America’s favorite treat.
  5. It’s cheap. When it comes to eating healthy on a budget, jerky is a natural, nitrate-free, low-carb snack.

Let’s face it. There’s nothing to dislike about beef jerky. In fact, we’re off to eat some right now…




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